Trump's New World Order -
Which Industries Will EXPLODE?
Live Webinar: Emergency Post Election Breakout Industry Briefing
Join the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader”—a man who helped create the modern hedge fund industry—for an ‘emergency briefing’ for those who want to TRULY benefit from a Trump Presidency...

This brief will show you exactly how to set yourself up for MAJOR profits...

In This Emergency Election Event:
  • Which industries are POISED for a 'Trump Breakout'
  • The #1 asset class to buy NOW (and why almost everyone is missing this)…
  • How the world’s Central Banks are coordinating their moves over the next 90 days...
  • Unexpected "Democratic crash triggers" that could detail everything and tank the market... 
  • The 12 Stock Picks For the Trump Era
  • The 'DUMP THESE STOCKS NOW' List That John is Sticking to 100%.
  • Plus dozens of other insights YOU need to hear as a Trump Presidency nears....
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John Thomas's career has spanned the globe...from China to New York as a top reporter for The Economist, to becoming one of the 'founders' of the hedge fund industry! His network of friends covers stratospheres of political (Reagan) and Hedge Fund Industry (Tepper). 

His insights and knowledge are sought after DAILY by those around the globe looking to trade better, and invest wiser.
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